the amount of shitty stick and pokes happening in my city…. hahahaha just stop stop stop you look so stupid with a triangle on your arm

smfh at rude sd’s in this city. y’all need to be a little nicer to girls.. no wonder you’re using your money to buy affection


5 assignments in 5 days. not possible. not happening. managed to write a 15 page report for cell bio, and finish my final genetics problem set, both on time.

unfortunately, i still have to fill out my entire lab book for the semester, which was due today and will be handed in, extremely incomplete, tomorrow afternoon. luckily that’s only worth 5% of my total mark in cell bio.

last items on the agenda are for my ecology lab. one MASSIVE term paper that i havent started.. due on wednesday. that will definitely get handed in late. aiming for thursday. plus a rather extensive species inventory, fully cited, for our stagnant pond ecosystems.

but the glory of it all, the wonderful reward for finishing every paper- my exams start on the 22nd. hooray for more work!!

these next 2 weeks are going to be absolute hell. if i make it out alive, i deserve a trophy.




i don’t think u fully understand how important this gif is

His nine lives flashed before his eyes.

"Lick lick lick fwoomp"

Rachel Baldwin


tfw you go to the museum to see the sculptures and there aren’t any nike logos or windows 95 screencaps anywhere

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